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I'm not disagreeing that they are responsible, I just don't see where you come off saying they did it on purpose
Then let me clear it up by saying that I never believed for a second anybody involved in this intended for someone to die. That would be absurd and counterproductive. It would make it possible for the competition to move to another course, negating the engineered home team advantage. No, a small group of people, not reflective of Canadians in general (it's silly I even have to say that) created a situation that benefited Canadian athletes unfairly, at the potential peril of other competitors. Something underhanded was done, and something horrible, though unintended, has happened. This happens all the time in the world, perpetrated by people who want to cut corners and skirt the rules on something, then create a disaster they themselves would not have wished for but could've prevented had they been more conscientious. It's not first degree murder, not at all, but that's cold comfort to the victim's loved ones.