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Thread: Men's Short vs. Course from Hell

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    Men's Short vs. Course from Hell

    My night school class is the same day as the men's short on NBC. I hate my class--it was advertised as a special ed class (and is given by that department), but has been changed to a class where an angry professor just goes on a political rant for three hours. Either I disagree with her views, or they are so cliche that everybody on earth would agree with them. The class is just awful, awful.

    So what should I do? Should I ditch it and watch the men? On one hand, I've been waiting for this for four years. On the other hand, I do need this course for my certificate, and I need to live my own life and not live vicariously through Evan, Johnny, Jeremy, Evgeny, Patrick, etc. On the other hand, the course stinks and they already gave us a syllabus with due dates for everything that's graded, and nothing is due that night, we're just going to discuss a bunch of crap.

    So what do you think? I know, I could probably find reruns someplace (let me know where, if you could), but it's so much more fun live. Thank God class is cancelled the next week, so I won't miss the ladies.

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    So did you go? If you did, the full event is on

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    I vote for living vicariously through Evan, Johnny, etc.

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