Tapes For Sale
I have a whole wack load of tapes I want to get rid of. I am asking for $8 (CAD) per tape. I did not catalogue all the skaters on these tapes and have a pretty hectic schedule this week so will be unable to check who is on there. The coverage is in NTSC format in either US or Canadian coverage. The quality ranges but they are for the most part either very good to excellent.

If you are interested please email me at twilight111ca@yahoo.com... with the title Tapes for Sale. Enclose tape # and contents.

Tracie aka Twilight

P.S. I am also open to trading for dance coverage this season in NTSC
format. (Canadian coverage sucks this year)

Tape #1
'00 Keri Lotion Skating Championship

Tape #2
'98 Canadian National's (LSP, PLP)
'98 Kraft Dreams On Ice
'98 Pro Super Team Comp.

Tape #3
'98 US Championships (pairs & ladies)
'98 Canadian's (ladies & ice dance)

Tape #4
'98 Stars On Ice

Tape #5
A&P Compilation for 2000
'01 Canadian's (LSP, OD, MLP & FD)

Tape #6
'00 Japan Open (pairs & men)

Tape #7
'95 Rider's Ladies Pro Comp. (Ladies 2nd program)
'93 US Championships- ladies
'91 World Pro's

Tape #8
'97 Nation's Cup (Fox- men and some pairs)
'98 Canadian Pro Championship

Tape #9
'00 World Pro Comp
'00 Cup of Russia (ABC)- men & ladies

Tape #10
'93 Nation's Cup

Tape #11
'96 Too Hot To Skate

Tape #12
'98 Sears Pro- Am Canadian Comp.

Tape #13
'97 World Pro's

Tape #14
'99 Ladies Pro Comp

Tape #15
'00 Holiday Festival On Ice

Tape #16
'01 Sears Open
'01 NHK (ABC)- men & ladies

Tape #17
'98 US Pro Comp

Tape #18
'94 Fox On Ice

Tape #19
'95 Rider's Ladies Pro Comp.

Tape #20
'96 CSOI
'96 World Team Pro Comp
'96 US Pro Comp.

Tape #21
'95 Elvis Stojko Tour


Tape 22
Sarah McLachlan in Concert

Tape 23
'96 Olympics- Ladies Gymnastics- team finals

Tape 24
'96 Olympics- Gymnastics Gala Show