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Diva attitude is hardly a credible reason, we have quite a few more divas than just Plushenko here, and he's not even the worst.

I agree on his TR scores in Euros, I would have scored him down some 2 to 3 points more. On the other hand, neither of us have a time machine, so we'll have to see what he actually does first for his Olys skate.

Lack of charisma is nonsense because it is your subjective opinion, has nothing to do with this conversation except to show your overall personal bias.

I have no idea what you mean by boosted marks for figure skating credibility? I am guessing this again has the TR scores in mind but he is not the only skater to be overscored and that is not so much a Plushenko issue but a judging issue.

Antiquated views of skating is another nonsense - there is not one view that should be the rule for everyone. People have different styles and that's it. There were good and bad things that happened in skating in the past four years and again, we will see if he adjusts his programs at all based on what he saw at the Euros.

So anything related to Plushenko specifically that HE can influence or just general issues of skating judging and you personal agenda?
1- Well so far, he's the biggest diva at these games, so that's a minus in my book.

2- Are you suggesting that Plushenko has any kind of charisma?

3- I do believe that a former champ clearly a step behind on every elements of skating saved for jumping has no business being crowned OGM, especially based on boosted by reputation unfair judging.

4- Plushenko and Joubert represent an antiquated view of skating, putting all emphasis on jumps.

Not my agenda, just my views on Plushenko's return, and his whining attitude about skating order.