Calling all Brian Joubert fans and supporters, things look kind of bad right now YET I do not see a reason to shed a tear, and or resolve our hero to a fate of gloom or tragedy. I see a glimmer of hope, and a sign that Brian WILL rise to the occasion and triumph. I am so confident, I am going to call it: Brian will stand on the podium here in Vancouver. There I said it. Shema Yisrael Hear Thee O'Israel and let it be true.

The signs, that hint that Brian WILL rise to the occasion, first when he ended his program, he swore NOT cried swore. That tells me that he is angry and do guys do when they are angry: fight back!!!! He does not feel sorry for himself, all he wants to do is make this right, and come back out on top. No tears, no regret, just a look of sheer determination as he walked out of the Kiss and Cry, that he will fix this and make it right. I am not kidding rewind the NBC footage watch as they follow him out of the K&C, the look in his eyes. He has not given up the fight.

The draw for the LP: VERY MUCH IN BRIAN'S FAVOR!!! Despite placing....low......He is going to skate in the in the last groups of the night, this is a very favorable draw. If he goes out there and skates the long program of his life, which I think he is totally capable and BELIEVE in him doing, then by skating later in the evening, the judges, are more likely to not hold back with his score and reward it justly, and favorably.

Also, I have seen skaters come back from greater deficits to win events and stand on the podium, if they can do it, then Brian can have the mother of all comebacks and win it!!!

If I am to be granted one wish for these Winter Games, then I want a miracle, I want Brian Joubert to stand on the Olympic Podium with a medal around his neck.