After Johnny Weir's scores came up yesterday, I was trying to understand why he was in 6th place. Basically,it came down to the fact that a mistake free program from him still kept him out of the top five. Was there something Johnny could have done to make himself more competitive?

So far, the only answers that I came up with is that Johnny's step sequences, change of foot combination spin in the TES and almost everything in the PCS (transitions, skating skills, choreography) cost him a lot of points.

So, should we draw the conclusion that Johnny's SP wasn't choreographed at a difficulty level that would a top 3 finish possible for him? Was it, as skated, too simple and not capable of scoring high on the COP? If all of that is true, why hasn't Johnny and his team come up with a more COP-friendly SP? Johnny has becoming more consistent in his jumps and it's a shame that this hard-won consistency hasn't paid off in higher placements. His hard work would have been more rewarded if his SP had more difficult elements.