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Thread: Program: From The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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    Lightbulb Program: From The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    This isn't about Quasimodo, but an entirely new story inspired by the music and the scene in the movie where Esmerelda is about to be burned at the stake.

    Rabatin is a spin I made up, never been done obviously, but it takes the same approach as a Lutz jump, but instead of a Lutz when you takeoff, it's a flying right back camel. The skaters I know say that this is a possibility.

    Costume: black shirt with belt and grey pants, shirt looks like a Rennaissance-type shirt.

    This tells the story of a pious man accused of heresy by the Inquisition. He goes through accusation, interrogation, torture, trial and sentencing, and finally is burned at the stake at the end.

    Throughout the beginning he pantomimes the accusation of heresy upon an innocent man, himself. As he skates into the 4 toe loop-3 toe loop-3 loop he signifies being taken away. As he skates circular footwork he pantomimes being interrogated, doing another 4 toe, and on the second syllable of the first "Gloria" he skates into 3 Axel-half loop-3 Flip, which are done on the second and third "Glorias" and then he skates into a massive spread eagle sequence into a 3 axel, landing and posing to symbolize the torture to come. Throughout the serpentine footwork sequence he does moves and poses to symbolize what his character is going through, lots of stretching of his body in the lunge position, and shoot-the-duck with movements to symbolize being whipped, during which he does 4 Salchow. Following this footwork he does Rabatin-donut, during one of the only slow points in the program, symbolizing recovery and despair. He now pantomimes the trial, after doing a 3 salchow. He then shows imprisonment and despair by a sit-change-sit-cannonball, then pantomimes being taken to the stake, doing 3 Lutz-3 toe, followed by circular footwork with butterflies and hopovers. He then does a scratch spin with varying movements to symbolize the burning has begun. On the "Ahs" he does flying camel-illusion-sit-change-layback-Biellmann-headless with one arm raised to the ceiling, looking up as the pain finally leaves and he meets his salvation.

    I may have violated the Zayak rule but I don't care LOL! This is what I saw. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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    Hi anya = Interesting new jump spin. I would like to see it done by someone and then call it the 'Flying Anya',

    Your choreography for Hunchback is quite busy but I would like to see it skated. I believe there already is a ballet called Esmeralda. I've never seen it and I'm not sure if it's based on the Hunchback. Anyway, getting a long story into 4 and half minutes is not easy.

    I wouldn't bother with the Zayak rule if the piece is just for exhibition purposes.


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    The Flying Anya! Now that has a nice ring to it!! (Anya isn't my real name but I like it hahaha :D)

    This was the most complex piece I have ever heard from Menken. Since it is in Latin and is with the music I think it would be ok for a competition.

    I know next to nothing about the CoP system, these programs were created keeping the "old" one in mind. Honestly I don't know what the requirements are of long programs with this system.

    Esmerelda ballet hm? I'll have to check it out. I know there's some great ballets out there that are up-and-coming. I saw my first ballet last May, Cleopatra. That was fine. I'd like to see the ballet they have out now based on Anastasia, and like all the other versions it's historically INaccurate lol.

    Speaking of flying spins, does Ilia ever do the Flying Kulik anymore??? I have (had??? I can't find it anywhere *cry*) his debut performance of it, I think it was during Rockit. Anyway, I miss that spin!! I think in some of my programs I have it put in.

    With my spin I originally imagined it to land in a sit position but I was told that it's impossible, but the camel was possible.

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