I think the issue is a bit more complicated than that. i'll try and analyse it in several points.

1) The CoP is made for a particular kind of figure skating. Not for complete skaters but for skaters who have good transitions, do lots of things with their arms and have good spins and footwork.

2) CoP does not reward jumps enough.

3) This system forces skaters to calculate while on the ice, and they're constantly petrified of making a mistake. This stops them attempting things they have difficulties with. I believe that Evan is a good athlete, and had the old system been in place, Evan would have probably tried to have fixed his quad, but with this system it's pointless.

5) Skaters get rewarded for skateing clean, without taking risks.

The CoP was made to suite skaters like Evan, but it has also affected the way skaters skate. I personnaly would have given gold to Plush.
i'd say the real problem is the system and not Evan - ha was just doing his job. he understood what was required, so congrats to him.
But I agree with Elvis, there's a problem and it needs to be fixed.