I was planning to keep out of this discussion but I just can't help myself. What would one expect from Elvis but to stick up for Plushy. Elvis, himself, had no grace or musicality in his skating. He was a skate, jump.......skate, jump performer.

I have never been a big fan of Evan's skating but I am thrilled that he beat Plushy. As I expected all along, Plushy has turned out to be a "horses' patoot". That guy is the worst sportsman I can remember. He's so into himself----self righteous, pompous, arrogant and the biggest jerk I have seen in skating. He jumps like a jackhammer, has no grace, musicality. And......Evan is giving him toooo much credit calling him a "nice guy".

Message to Plushenko-------you are a disgrace to your country and humanity as a whole. Go get a life you big loser!!