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^^^^^^^ Yeesh, Alatariel, give it a rest, will you? I'm not sure what you think you know about maturity and class, given the way you carry on in here.

Nobody's perfect, and EVERY young person has things to learn. And even people who are full of class have lapses in judgement...
Why should I give it a rest? You can't change the facts that he said all those things just because you don't like it.

He is not mature, he has no class - at the moment. So yes, nobody is perfect, and yes every young person has things to learn. But if you say he has things to learn then you yourself are in fact saying he is not acting as he should.

So if he isn't acting as he should then there is something wrong. And enough with this young people nonsense! There are plenty of young people who do not act like this at that age. Fame hit him in the head, and hit him hard, not the first, not the last - somebody should give him a little shake, metaphorically, and get him to wise up.

Heck even Evan Lysacek put him down, hard, last year about his statements. Not that it did him any good, as it keeps on repeating and repeating and repeating.

One lapse in judgement happens. Two, sure. But this just goes on and on with Chan. But he's young right, so it's ok