There are three new Mirai Nagasu spots up on Youtube today. They were apparently produced in conjunction with the recent sponsorship deal which features Mirai and her family in their Living in HD campaign. They are pretty adorable and include a general practice video, Mirai skating with some 3D glasses, and a runthrough of her short program. In that order:

She looks pretty good, but I have to say she really comes alive in competition. As pleasant as she is in the practice videos, she seems to have comparitively more speed in fire in competition. I hope it serves her well in Vancouver. I also hope she'll be inspired by Evan's victory in the men's event.

In regards to her doing a triple-triple in the short program, do we think she should attempt it or not. She'll have to do it much cleaner than she did in this video if she wants it to count fully, but it seems like a worthwhile risk. She is clearly not a favorite or even a contender for a medal, so I'd imagine that both she and Frank are looking for the experience factor here. That said, it seems like there's no real reason for her to play it safe. If she ends up doing it and the judges don't downgrade she might find herself rather high in the standings.

Only a few more days now.

Here's hoping our two woman team will shake things up a bit.