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Thread: Mirai Nagasu Panasonic ads and her chances at the olympics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    How could they have "decided" to send Wagner? The U.S. had only two spots. Rachael came first and Mirai second.
    They could have "decided" because of the protocol they published for the selection process. Ashley medaled at the 2009 jr worlds, placed in two grand prix events, and made it to the grand priix finals where she placed 4th.

    Here is a excerpt form the USFS document "2010 Olympic Winter Games Athlete Selection Procedure ".

    To field the most competitive team, U.S. Figure Skating's ICMS will take into consideration results from the events outlined below to determine athletes who will have the most performance impact at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The ICMS, and the International Committee's approval process of the ICMS' recommendations, will take into consideration placement and competitive field at the following events in priority order:

    a. 2010 U.S. Figure Skating Championships
    b. 2009/10 ISU Senior Grand Prix Final
    c. 2009 World Figure Skating Championships
    d. 2009 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships
    e. 2009 World Junior Figure Skating Championships
    f. 2009/10 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final

    So I think technically according to their published selection process, they could have picked Ashley.

    Boy that would have created a firestorm!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark-Eyes View Post
    Judging by how they scored Plushenko's LP, they are not calling URs at the Olympics. She should be fine!
    Really? Did Plushy UR? I'd go download the vid and check but I don't enjoy watching his skating so I'd rather not.

    In general, though, the tech specialist tends to be more lenient with men and UR. In the SP, Daisuke's 3t on the end of his 3f/3t had his toepick touchdown while he was almost forward, the same kind of UR that got Yu Na at the GPF, but the tech specialist let it go. They did call him on it in the FS, though. For something that makes such a huge difference in the score, it sure is applied inconsistently. If it was up to me, I'd abolish UR calls altogether. Anything more than 180° gets ratified as a jump of that rotation, and let the judges apply the GOE as they see fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katymay View Post
    I disagree. This is figure skating, on ICE and anything can happen. Both Mirai and Rachel stand a chance to stand on the podium. Just like any other competition, there are at least seven girls who stand a chance to medal. Mao, Miki, Yuna, Caroline, Rachel, Mirai and perhaps the Russian girl whose name escapes me. (sorry).
    Alena Leonova, and I would also argue Akiko Suzuki and Laura Lepisto (should she miraculously land all her triples in the FS) have a shot too, meaning their are 9 girls really in contention, which is similar to the men's event. Also Sarah Meier? I don't think she really has a shot given her injury but people have been hyping her up as a medal favorite. We'll have a better idea after the SP, where there could be a few surprises in the standings (Julia Sebestyen, Gedevanishvilli, etc).

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