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I might be the only one, but I did not like V/M OD, they seemed a bit slow to me and well after seeing the flamenco of Anissina & Peizerat, every other flamenco seems to me just like 2nd class attemp of something that was already done way better.

D/W were on fire. Fully deserved move up the rankings, would have placed them even 1st.
You aren't the only one. I wasn't overly impressed with V/M. Except for the 2 seconds Scott stamped his feet, I thought the footwork did not go with the music at all. I would've swapped the OD scores of D/W and V/M. I'm going to get piled on, but I think V/M got a bit of a Canadian boost. They should be in 1st overall, but I think the scores should be closer. I also don't place them among the greats. Good, yes, but great, not so much.