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To those who think NBC promoting a "cold war" on ice represents a real threat to world peace my suggestion is to go for a long walk, take many deep breaths and then have a big laugh. Figure skating will not lead to WW3
The point I'm trying to make is the hypocrisy of it all! We're fabled into wanting to think and believe that the Olympic Games is about the world coming together to promote good will and competitive, good natured sportsmanship and then I have to watch certain buffoons promote cold war trash on my tv screen. Which is it? Are the Games about all of us coming together or dividing us all? . . . we're receiving mixed signals here and I don't like it. If you're going to point out every other nation's/continent's show of bad sportsmanship, then you better equally show the bad sportsmanship of your own athletes too. I'm sick of this one-sided bullsh!t because that's certainly not how it really is!