I watched the Today show this morning on my DVR and they (NBC) were STILL talking about this. I said, don't I get the feeling that this is being blown just a little out of proportion?

I take it the Russians were just making those comments out of frustration and disappointment. The only difference is they're not afraid to make their statements publicly. The fact that they're not filing a formal complaint says it all IMO.

The first interview with Lysacek on the Today show (?) was ok. But then Al Michaels asked him again about it on the afternoon show, Bob Costas asked him about it AGAIN on the primetime show and YET AGAIN with him (along with Button and Hamilton). I could see it in his face- enough already! The folks at NBC get carried away with these sensational stories WAY too easily...but then again I'll be fair to them- they're not the only ones.