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Essentially what you're saying is because he's used to getting his way (ie: winning) his juvenile behaviour when he doesn't (ie: loses) is justified. That's behaviour you try to curb in a four year old. He won silver. He acted out because it wasn't gold. You can argue that the system sucks for working against such a strong athlete (and I don't deny that he's an incredible athlete - but I prefer Shen/Zhao if we're talking about three-peaters, Yagudin if we're talking about awesome figure skaters, and Takahashi/Lambiel/Chan et al if we're talking current figure skaters). You can't argue that someone who's lost to Emmanuel Sandhu on a technicality (GPF in 2003/4?) doesn't know how to act when the chips don't go his way. It doesn't compute.

His behaviour isn't becoming an Olympian, let alone one who has scaled the heights of his/her sport.
I totally disagree.