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I find BBC commentator Robin Cousins also seemed a little bit more prefer Evan's or at least he's definitely OK with the result.
Odd because when I was watching the BBC coverage live Robin Cousins thought Plushenko had put in a more technical performance and was surprised when he didn't receive enough points to win. He said his favourite out of the lot was Takahasi and he would have liked him to have won if he had landed the attempted quad. He said his was the most complete of all the LPs.

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Let's not drag Cousins into this. I love his commentating but having read a rather iffy article with rather iffy comments by him between the SP and LP on Cousins' part I'd skip his opinion as unbiased here.
Where did you read this and what are you claiming he was saying? Besides which, the original poster is asking what other commentators on other channels though not whether they were unbiased or not.