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I think that Joubert has had way too many coach changes, my guess is that he is not easy to work with.
Brian is strong tempered, but also like any skater, he has to find a coach that fits his personnality. With his first coach, Véronique, they split because of a row and Brian admitted that it was silly - which was why they were able to patch things up. He then worked with Laurent Depouilly, they got on well although Laurent was too nervous during compétitions. If my memory's right, the FFSG had a lot to do with their split. Then he worked with Véronique again, but the fact that both of them were strong tempered, and what Brian described Véronique not being as dedicated as before led to their second split. With Berenzistev, the spilt was amicable - he didn't have the caracter necessary for a world-class skater and he wanted to move to Canada. Then there was JCS - I won't go over that all over again. With Laurent, we'll have to wait and see.

Although these splits haven't allsays happened in the nicest of ways, Brian has allways admited his coache's qualities and has allways tried to give them as much credit as possible.