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Has their been a decision regarding Brian attending Worlds? I don't want to read this whole thread. Thanks.
There's a test skate scheduled for the French men (other than Amodio) to settle who gets to go. Florent is already in; I think after Olys Brian felt guilty about taking someone's spot, esp. as he was out during Nats (for reasons beyond his control, but still).

I saw other people post about Brian vs. Plush - I don't believe they're friends, but AFAIK they don't dislike each other. Joubert's stated position is that Plushenko is very annoying in press conferences but really nice behind the scenes. Which I believe is a good thing.

Height: Alban Preaubert is 6', though his bad posture makes it difficult to tell... According to their official bios, Tomas is 5'11 and Brian is 5'10 and a half (1.79m).