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Thread: CTV/TSN Top Ten Moments of the First Half of the Games

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    Thumbs up CTV/TSN Top Ten Moments of the First Half of the Games

    Did anyone else see this about fifteen minutes ago on CTV?

    The really unbelieable one? Number 9!!

    Here's this lynx (Mountain Wild Cat), trots out of the forest around the Sliding Centre, climbs the fence, hops over it. Then trots over to the Luge/Skeleton/Bobsled run, hops up onto the track and then, he/she just trotted down the course like it was in the middle of a valley on a run.

    It had great form going around Thunderbird (last corner of the course).

    I really hope they show this again, so I can get it on tape. I couldn't believe my eyes...LOL!!!

    They had to hold the Luge practice run that was going on at the time. Can you imagine the looks on their faces when asked why there was a delay!?! *snort*

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    I read about this. The story I read mentioned a skier who had a deer run along with him for a while when he was on course. He made the deer his personal emblem for the rest of his career.

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