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Thread: The Kiss and Cry - is it fair to the Skaters who cry off guard.

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    I know I should not generalize, but I honestly witnessed with my own two eyes a hostile crowd toward Evgeni on Thursday night, the mens figure skating final, and that from the pro-Canadian crowd with which I sat. I'll never forget that, especially the young Canadian lady making the most disgusting gesture with her thumbs & fingers when his name was announced. And the hostile silence that greeted me when I yelled out "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EVGENI"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, when I waved the Russian flag; I was the only one to do so in my section.

    I do think because of the North American media's bias toward him as a Russian he may not get received very well. I'm not saying booing, but definitely nothing compared to the reception for the North American skaters. JMHO.
    I'm sorry you had this negative experience. It doesn't speak for all Canadians and I feel badly that the behaviour of some people at the event has made you feel this way about Canadians in general. I have to tell you, I was cheering for Evgeni. A lot of Canadians were. If I'd been there, I'm sure I would have yelled, "woohoo!!!!" when he came out to skate. I don't like some of the comments Plush has made but I don't consider a soundbite to be the defining of a skater's character. I don't know Evgeni personally in any way, but I know he must be terribly disappointed and, when we're upset, we all say things we shouldn't.

    I would never boo any skater. I think you're right that they'll cheer louder for the North Americans, but I thinik that would have happened no matter what. In Socchi, I won't expect the Russian people to cheer just as loudly for a Canadian as they will their own skater. That's just human nature.
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