A gentleman in BC, who is a WWII Veteran, is one of many of our Vets who has a licence plate w/the Poppy on it. He and his family attended the Long Track Speed Skating Session the other day and when they came out of the building to go home, they were floored to see all of these pieces of paper under the wipers of their car.

The Dutch fans saw the Poppy, knew what that said about the owner of the car and they were the ones who left the messages. All of them saying basically the same thing, "Thank you so much for liberating our homeland."

The Dutch have never forgotten our Forces liberated them and everything the Canadian Forces did afterwards for the Dutch people w/the Manna Flights of food and supplies. They will never forget and we shouldn't either.

I heard this out of the mouth of one of the commentators the other night, so no link, but has anyone else heard it? What a great story!!