Mao(M): I can do it.
Narator (N): This interview was done two days after she won the ticket for the Olympics.
M: I do want to get the gold medal. I cant wait to show it to many people. To whom do I want to show it? I cant wait to get it.
Interviewer (I): How would the gold medal be like?
M: I think it would be heavy. I have been working so hard toward the Olympics, so I guess everything would be condensed into the gold medal.
I: By the way, triple axel has been stressing you so much.
M: It is something that bugs me, but it is also my strongest weapon. I have now regained my jump, I dont think I would lose it again.
N: However, her smile turned gloomy with the next question.
I: I guess you had been very anxious, but
M: excuse me (crys)
N: She had to undergo that two months.
M: I had impatience. From the opening match to the Cup of Russia, I was aware of this season as the Olympics season, so I had impatience, chagrin, misery
N: At that time, she had only one, only one thought.
M: I hadnt shown all of what I can do. Because I hadnt shown all of what I can do, I didnt want to go to the next without showing what I have been doing for the matches for about six months during the off-season
(I guess she was referring to the subject that some people around her, including her coach, suggested that she might want to change the program, especially the FS program, after the Cup of Russia)
N: She didnt want to. I can do it. I should be able to She believed in her belief for two months.
M: Until the day when I went to the stadium, I was sometimes anxious about failing both of SP and FS just like I did at the Cup of Russia.
But I thought If Im anxious about failing, then I just should practice hard until I dont have that anxiety anymore. Having done the match (Japan Figure Skating Championships), because I have regained my own jump already, I felt that I can jump anywhere, because I have my jump.
N (I): Maybe it (triple axel) is like your own best friend, who you have been having a quarrel for a long time with?
M: Maybe, yes. I have been longing to make up with her, and I think I have done it.

-translation courtest of "translatorofmao"