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Thread: Great Underrotation Analysis by NY Times

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    Great Underrotation Analysis by NY Times

    Really fascinating analysis of the top women's jumps and their rates of underrotation calls.

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    Very cool.

    It's probably a bit misleading though that you can't see any chronological development - they lump all "recent years" together even though some skaters have really worked on their URs. And of course they don't allow for inconsistent judging. I'm afraid some judges will read this and score accordingly. And then there's nothing about falls, of course, which might, or should, change perceptions for both better and worse.

    But thanks for posting.

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    Oh wow, that was so helpful for me in terms if seeing what makes an under-rotated jump - especially on the take off.

    Rachael and Joannie have such good records!

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    It's all so silly anyway. What is being said in reality is that the Tech Panel is wrong and the TV viewers are correct.

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    Mirai 3flip had a 50% rotation success rate. Oh my. I know she always has problem with the flip, but didn't know it was that bad.

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