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I don't know how accurate Kim's sp marks are, one thing surprised me though:
a rather low GOE Asada got for her 3A+2T combo: +0.60. That's all. It's as if the judges are saying 'Nah, it was ok, but we've seen better. Much much better 3A+2T combos tonight'. Oh, have they really?

And I'm not even commenting on Gedevanishvili's + 0.20 GOE on that 2A done out of the spiral. Who cares, right?
Actually I think the lack of comparisons might be actually hurting Mao. Since she is the only women doing this combo now. The judges can only compare her with the men or past women like Midori Ito (whose 3A combos were huge). Whereas, there is more comparison for 3-3 and clearly Yuna's are the best in terms of speed and height.