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Thread: Stojko opposes the ladies result

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    Elvis Stoijko would oppose world peace if he thought that massive war was technically more challenging. I'm at the point where I really don't understand how he comes up with his thoughts.
    I used to be an Elvis fan but his diatribes about these Olympics has just turned me off. I'm starting to believe Elvis would like us to can the spins, transitions, footwork, field moves, music, all choreography, and just have four minutes of jumping. The problem with that is, then skating would not be the beautiful and unique sport that it is, and it sure would no longer be the premiere event of the Olympics.

    I thought Mao and Yu-Na were pretty close but I wasn't writing down anything they did, comparing what GOE I'd have given them , or checking the protocols for changes according to the technical specialist. One's opinion of a skate just from watching can be very different if one is just watching and enjoying rather than marking the performances. As to the GOE on Mao's 3ax, I don't think anyone should get positive GOE if there's any question whether or not the jump was fully rotated in the air. She did it and it was clean. Bravo for her, truly, but it wasn't worth a huge GOE.

    But... this is probably influenced by past skaters. This could be a very interesting thread topic.
    I'm remembering previous ladies who did the 3 ax (Tonya, Midori) and how there was never any doubt that those were fully rotated. To me, that's the standard for a ladies 3 ax with positive GOE. Tonya's 3 ax +1 GOE (high and clean but she did it around a corner and didn't always have good flow out). Midori's 3ax +2 (huge, clean, so much flow and ice coverage. It was out of this word). And, for me, +3 is reserved for any female skater whose 3 ax makes me say, "wow, that was even better than Midori's". Thought I doubt I'll ever see that.
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