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As much as I like Yu na's skating overall I've always wonder why they ignore her spins which are not very good to me. Do they really give her positive GOE's on all of her spins?
Yes, + 0.8 on the layback and + 0.5 on the flying sit spin. For comparison Mirai got + 0.5 for the sit spin (and a + 1.1 on the layback, which makes me wonder, if that spin was worth only + 1.1, what do you have to do to get a +2 or +3? Honestly, I can't imagine, what is the highest GOE ever given for a spin?)

I think too that Elvis has a point, 3a is much more difficult for the ladies and that should be reflected in the base value. (Which is not the same as saying that anyone doing a 3a should automatically win the competition, and I'm ok with Mao in 2nd, but the top two performances last night were almost equal imo and should have been scored closer.)

And I think Elvis is very aware what the rules are under the COP, that is why he's speaking up, because he doesn't agree with that. (And he's not the only one obviously.)