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Completely agree with Layfan.

Mao's triple axel is beautiful but for her it is the easier jump than the 3-lutz on which she would get an automatic -2 or -3 deduction for a clear inside edge. Just because the triple axel is considered the most difficult jump doesn't mean that she should get a clear bonus, even when she's clearly lacking technical ability on her lutz (and salchow for that matter). Consider a skater with big 2a and huge 3Lz and compare with a skater who has a huge 3a and no lutz.

I'm surprised to hear so many people complain about her GOE when she has not gotten absolutely skyrocket GOE's for her triple axel. Her triple axel is gorgeous but it has more to do with the speed of her rotation than her coverage and height in the air. Her 2-t is tacked on as an afterthought. I just wish Mao-chan had a better coach, one to help her think more strategically, work on the technical issues that feature in her strategy and better choreography.
Does Mao have a problem with her salchow? Because I checked the protocals from previous seasons and the times she tried it, she usually landed it without any UR. However, she doesn't really attempt it that often. I read that she doesn't like that jump for some reason.