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Thread: Stojko opposes the ladies result

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    Yes, I don't think there's anyone who doesn't LOVE Yuna's 3/3. It's just that this Olympics has become somewhat of a snoozefest ever since it became evident that skaters who aren't Yuna have zero chance of winning the OGM no matter how well they skate. In every past Olympics, things have been unpredictable. Can you imagine in 1998 a clean Kwan being beaten by a 15 year old upstart with the skate of her life? Or in 2002 Kwan and Slutskaya being beaten by another upstart having the skate of her life? In 2006, Cohen, Arakawa, and Slutskaya were neck and neck after the SP. But here, Yuna and Mao both skated great, and there's a 5 point spread? And Mirai and others down by over 15 points? They could do five quad jumps in the LP while composing a symphony and doing their taxes and still not have a chance. It's like, can't we at least pretend that other skaters have a chance?
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