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Thread: Stojko opposes the ladies result

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    If I correctly recall, the base value of 3A was increased from 7.5 to 8.2 before the 2008~2009 season started.
    Who benefited most? Most of top male skaters could do 3A.

    Now there is grumbling about the value of 3A again. Interesting.

    If Mao had executed the 3A+2T better at the Olympics, her GOEs could have been higher.

    Actually she's well-known for her tendency to underrotate the 2T which evidently tells the 2nd triple jump is not easy for her.

    Who has better technical caliber? A skater who has the 3A but not 3-3 jumps? Or a skater who has 3-3 jumps but not the 3A?

    I don't think it's easy to judge.
    I don't agree that the value of 3A+2T should be higher and extra marks should be given based on the jump difficulty.
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