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From this sentence, are you suggesting that you believe that Mao and other Japanese skaters benefit from JSU politicking? I just don't see that at all. I never feel the judges really favor Japanese skaters that much. The ones that do come on top at times (Mao, Dai, Miki) do because of their own abilities and talents. The Japanese skating federation don't use their influence to the extent the European and Russian skating feds do, even though they have the capability to do it now. And also about Mao's spins. I didn't hear many people complain about her levels she got for that, so I don't understand your comment on that.
Japan Politiking in a way to benefit Mao? Nah. Not a chance! BTW, what do you mean by "favor Japanese skaters that much?" Just poking fun at you. A rhetorical q.

As for Mao's sit spin right after the 3F-2Lo, plz talk to some figure skating experts or authorities about form breaking like I described to find out differing opinions. I don't give a hoot about it because the difference is 0.5 point for level 4 and 3. Just trying to let the great composer know that the world may not be out to get Mao.