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Thread: "'Officials to blame' for Russian skating flop" - Article

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    "'Officials to blame' for Russian skating flop" - Article

    Found this interesting article on Irina Rodnina.

    She's calling for the resignation of Russian Figure Skating head Valentin Piseyev, putting blame on him for Russia's "disastrous performance" in Vancouver.

    A piece also ran on CNN International, where they stated that the Russian Federation in general is not pleased that they have only managed to come up with 3 Golds so far at these Olympics.

    "'Officials to blame' for Russian skating flop"

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    In other word, she wants the post for herself

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    Well, I'd rather he take the fall than Kawaguti. I'm worried that the tiny little Japanese girl will be a national scapegoat.

    She doesn't say what Piseyev did wrong though.

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    It's not like it was that bad. They still got one medal. I think the skating of Russians hasn't changed from other Olympics, just the holding up of them by the judges has. In 1998 or 2002, I bet Domnina and Shabalin would have walked away with the gold, even skating like they did

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    I like that she looks inward to fix problems (by inward meaning the rus fed etc) instead of blaming everyone else. You have to start "at home" for real change. Maybe she sees where things are not as they should be in Russia as far as the spending of the monies, the networking, the overall effort to continue to evolve and take part instead of sittiing atop the pedestal and resting on laurels.
    She's been around a long time and probably would know the differences between past successful years and now.

    But who knows.

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    Seems like politics to me. She's either planning to go for the post herself or she's helping out a friend. It could work too after how Russia did here and given that the Sochi Olympic cycle is about to begin. Valentin's position has never been weaker.

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