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Thread: Not Too Shabby Miss Ksenia Makarova

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    Not Too Shabby Miss Ksenia Makarova

    As much as I enjoy watching the battle on the podium, I love to spot potential break out skaters who can make a future impact.

    Remember Tatiana Malinina at 98 Nagano (8th)...! She would eventually come out of no where and dominant the 99 Figure Skating Season.

    I think Ksenia Markova might just fit that role. Not only did she skated a wonderful SP, I see potential for her to make some movements in the coming years.

    Clean lines, straight forward jumps, simple-to-watch skating. Dick Button would be jumping up and down for that. Simple, No-Bull skating, which is so hard to get now adays!

    She's not a super star by any means, but her solid, strong basic skating impressed me alot. She has a little sass (as noted by Weir....), and doesn't stare at the floor when she performs. I actually prefer her style of her fellow countrymen, Leonova.

    What also stood out to me is that she wasn't one of the super-arm moving everywhere Euro/Russian skaters we get often. She was control and "Easy" to watch. She still has the LP to go through, but I like what I saw, and think she can raise through the ranks soon.

    Any one else on board? Can't wait till the FP!

    PS.... Elena Gedevanishvili not rank in the Top 5??? Hmmmmm... I would have had her 4th...IMO
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