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Thread: Making a Little Girl's night!

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    Making a Little Girl's night!

    I just got in from a verrrrrry long day in a verrrrrrry cold arena, and had to pop on and share my wonderful day with all my fellow skating fans.

    This weekend is the weekend that sectional competitions are being held up here in Canada, and since the host city is only 20 minutes away, I took the opportunity to take my daughter to see all our rising stars. She and I got to see Junior
    Free Dance, Junior Ladies Freeskate, Pre Juvenile and Juvenile men, Senior Pairs Freeskate, Junior and Senior Men's freeskates, and Novice ladies practice session. It was a very long day, but there was no way she would let me drag her home, lol!

    She was fascinated with the fact that she would very possibly get to see some of these skaters on TV soon, and was especially tickled that she got to watch 3 of the kids she skated summer ession with. I was fascinated with the fact that I got see see so much of our up and coming potential talent up close. This was my first experience at a competition of this level, and I can't wait to see more. I think I even preferred it to sitting in the comfort of my home watching the big names skate on TV. What we saw today was unforgettable, and if any of you have the chance to go watch your local sectionals, or any competitions that are qualifiers leading to nationals, I would highly recommend it!

    Now, for the ultimate highlight - my baby got her first autograph! She and I were sitting there enjoying senior pairs, when off to the left I noticed Annabelle Langlois!!!! I was quick to point her out to my daughter, who quickly asked if she could have a pen and our program and off she went. Annabelle was so sweet to her, asked her about her skating, and took the time twrite a nice note on the cover of our program. My daughter has been beaming ever since and is now even more excited to see her on TV!

    What a wonderful day we had, and I can't wait to go back tommorrow! Gosh I am sure glad I took the weekend off work!

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    Thanks for taking the time to post, SkatingCanuck. That's why I read this board, to feel like I have a share in everybody's experiences. Does your daughter skate herself? What a wonderful day!


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    Wow shes lucky!!
    How old is your daughter im 12 ide really like to be friends if you wouldnt mind that?

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    Mathman and lutzgirl

    Yes, my daughter skates, and loves every minute of it! She is 8 years old and this is her 3rd season of skating, second as a test skater. She had a very successful season last year, considering it was her first time skating with the "big girls". She passed her 3 prelim dances, took part in her first competition, and is currently working on consistency with landing her lutz and axel.

    Canuck (the bragging mom)

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    Hi canuck,

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only person who just loves watching the younger skaters -- both up-and-coming and I-skate-just-for-fun skaters. Sectionals sound like fun and I'm glad your daughter got the chance to see how the "big" kids skate and even meet someone she looks up to.

    After discovering how much fun these comps can be, I will be trying to get to more of them. Maybe one day we'll be seeing your daughter! Good luck to her.

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