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Okay that's cool If you want to say the 3sal cances out the 3loop, and the 3axel/2toe cancels out the 3lutz and the 3axel cancel each other out. (Okay) But Yu-na does a double axel/3toe, and Mao does nothing to cancel THAT out.

:lol: I know I say this and do get that everything else Mao did to cancel out Yu-na was more difficult I do get that the 3axel/2toe is harder and the 3axel is harder than a 3liutz).. But I'm still sort of trying to make a point that Mao by making the jumping layout she chooses, doesn't really benefit from the triple axels the way she should. I will totally agree that in the end Mao's program is harder. But because Mao is missing a lot of technical stuff that the other ladies are doing, she gives up a lot of points...

Even if Mao were to leave out her 3lutz. But do a 3axel and a 3flip/3loop and a 3flip/3toe like she did in 2008, I have a feeling that the judges would actually be a bit more impressed with that because Mao's showing that she can master all kinds of different tricks.....Not just one. All I'm saying is that its like since Mao left Arturian and became world champ. Mao has decided to put all of her eggs in the 3axel basket and essentially let everything else stagnant.
Well to compare it again, other ladies do triple-triple combinations and double axel-triple toe combinations while no one else on the planet can do two triple axels

Mao should never have went to Tarasova and I agree that she has put too much focus on the axels. I wish she would return to her beautiful music choices, light skating, and choreography because that suited her so wonderfully. It sounds like she is planning on staying around so I hope she makes some changes and goes back to what was so successful for her.

Yuna had a fantastic free skate - but I am not as involved in her long programs as I am in her short programs. I do think she was very much overscored here but she undoubtedly deserved her gold medal! It was a very beautiful skate. Her short program was so much more magnificent though!