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Thread: So, what is Elvis going to complain about this morning?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hurrah View Post
    You're right. No matter how much higher the base point of a triple-axel would be, the skater would still need other triples to be competitive, though one less probably than those who can't do a triple-axel would need.

    What increasing the value of the triple-axel will do is that other skaters who can't do a triple-axel will not be able to make up for their jumping deficiency by using double-axel jump passes against triple-axel jumpers. This is what I have been griping on about the whole time, so just increasing the value of the triple-axel might do the trick.
    Sigh nothing is stopping triple axel jumpers from doing double axel passes to maximise points too... AND keeping their triple axels. Mao could easily do a instead of her 3flip/2loop a solo 3flip and do a double axel/double axel sequence. And guess what Mao would make more points. And she'd get to do her 2 3axels as well. But for whatever reason Mao has choosen not to do this. She's got nobody to blame there but herself.

    It amazes me that you want to criticize Yu-na when to be quite frank a lot of the people are using the double axel sequences to gain points on Yu-na. Yu-na could do a 3lutz/2toe/2loop, a double axel/3toe, and a 3flip sequence double axel and her base value would almost be same. Mao only does one difficult combination in her program a 3axel/2toe. Yu-na goes for two extremely difficult combinations in her program (more than anyone else) And yet you want to criticize Yu-na.

    I mean did you look at Miki's layout? Everyone's doing the 3flip seq double axels now. Why go for something more difficult like a double axel/3toe. Or even harder a 3lutz/3toe. But right Yu-na's the problem because she chooses to do a double axel instead of a 3loop (Just like Mao absolutely chooses to do a double axel instead a of a 3sal or a 3lutz) Yu-na is literally the only person in the top 5 who even went for a 3/3.
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