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Thread: So, what is Elvis going to complain about this morning?

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    I like watching Elvis and Plushy, however they are just as bad as the "shock jocks " that TRY to rationalize F.S. is not a sport. As others are pointing out, do 2 triples in place of one quad or something... I think the real issue is that the Quad is the "additional" factor you can add to your programme. It is an embellishment that is imo a added feature to the base of the program. And really what does Elvis know .... 6.0.

    I think these guys take so much crap for being F.S. guys and people call them feminine that they over compensate. It is simple. Whether you like the C.O.P or not work with what is there.

    Elvis has completely gotten the sport confused with freestyle motocross or Karate. When a majority of the skaters of "lore" are commenting "not NECESSARY but can do it if they want," you would think that the comments of the 6.0 was to corruptible and need to be changed could be understood. People were sick of seeing the 6.0 or it would still be there. Imo a quad should be equile to a 2scx2t AND the g.o.e. on the landing / exit should be more strict when a quad is scoured. It is one more careless action to pull the quad where as increasing falling - which casual fans think if a skater falls they loose, why perpetuate that? Loose more viewers. ? Is the quad the real value "macho image?" Is that real an improvement to FS? Are they just upset that they spent all that effort learning it and it is not even required?

    Maybe they like people who "drill into medal without protective goggles and gloves - maybe they should go out to lunch with my dad who took me out of F.S when I was 7 because it wasn't macho and talk about all skaters competing at the same time with the ability to check others and the last skater standing wins.

    Do it if you want, lower the point value and the T.S. should score it with HIGH deduction potential I say.

    And before I hear I am bashing Elvis, realize EVERYONE he is bashing in his comments.

    The BIGGEST issue with F.S. is the corrupt judging. May just 3 out of the panel, but there is still corruption in judging. Immediate point notification is the only way to stat to combat this imo. It would quickly bring the offenders to attention of the rest of the judges and they would no longer be asked to come and leave immediately. That is what you quad studs should be focusing your attention on. Copasetic in accepting flaws is the leader of degradation.
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