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Thread: If Axel Paulsen skated in the 2010 Olympics

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    If Axel Paulsen skated in the 2010 Olympics

    If Axel Paulsen skated in the 2010 Olympics and the "Axel" jump had never been introduced, would he be able to introduce it at the 2010 Olympics? While I know he could do one, I believe he would get zero points so why would he?

    I guess the real question is, does the new system have a facility to introduce a new element.

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    That's an interesting question; the system already has points values determined up to quad axel I believe, but if someone came up with a completely new jump it would definitely have to be added to the system- and could not be accommodated if it appeared for the first time in competition I suspect. I don't know how it would deal with existing, out of fashion jumps, such as the one-foot axel (landing on same foot as take off, has been performed as a double) etc. I'd be interested as to how other areas of innovation could be dealt with- i.e performing 2-axels in each rotation direction. I suspect this would simply be called as 2 2-axels, with marks being given under PCs for innovation and choreography.

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    I think we've looked at this before and can't find a thread about it, but i certainly remember writing down all the different possible jumps and their names and how a truly "new" jump will never come about since they have all been tried or are impossible. Many critics of the system do not feel that the reduction of jump to the listed 6 is a good idea as it does not therefore encourage skaters to try to the more difficult jumps in multi-rotation forms. Some people believe that if the other jumps were added to the scale of values with points assigned to them then this might encourage more skaters to try them thus raising the technical bar. It doesn't always have to be abiout adding a fourth rotation.

    Anyway I'll try it again here, all jumps are named according to the edge from which they take off and whether or not there is a toe assist. All the jumps land on the RBO edge (for Anti-clockwise rotators) and if they land on teh LBI tend to be called one foot or "half" versions of the "regular" jump so:

    RBO no pick = Loop
    RBO pick = Toe-loop
    LBO no pick = Toe-less lutz (never performed as more than a single)
    LBO pick = Lutz
    RBI no pick = Walley
    RBI pick = Toe-walley (deemed to be the same as a toe-loop post zayak)
    LBI no pick = Salchow
    LBI pick = Flip

    With forwards take off I've assumed a toe-assist is impossible due to the mechanics of blade and pick (maybe this is an area for innovation - change the shape/angle of the pick and you might be able to toe in while skating forwards?)

    RFO = ??? I can't see how this could ever work since the RFO edge is completely counter to the rotation and kicking the free leg trhoguh to lift would probably result in no rotation at all or a change of edge!
    RFI = Inside Axel
    LFO = Axel
    LFI = ???? Same as above - the counter rotation would be too dofficult to control and probably end up in a jump uo with no rotation...i can see how it might be more possible to control this than the RFO edge, however i think muscle memory would likely make the skater change edge to an axel.

    So in short - the COP doesn't give a scale of value to all the jumps. The benefits of doing so or not doing so can be argued til the cows come home....and change the rules!
    It is unlikely that a truly "new" jump could ever be performed, and someone is unlikely to include an attempt at a double or triple walley without getting any points for it.


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    nice question--might have- but i think he probably would have introduce it in the other gp events or international events first- so the olympic judges might have had an idea of what point value or how to score it in the first place(is my thinking.)

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