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Thread: Captivating figure skater Kim Yu-na wins gold - Seattle Times

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    Captivating figure skater Kim Yu-na wins gold - Seattle Times

    A clip from the column:

    But after watching Kim's free skate Thursday, after watching her shatter another world record, after watching her own an intriguing and gifted field, you're left to wonder if any country, any gender, any living thing with eyeballs would dare stop staring at this 19-year-old phenom.

    When the Pacific Coliseum public-address announcer introduced Kim as the gold winner during the medal ceremony, a man in the crowd screamed, "I love you!"

    She made Korea proud. She made her sport proud. She made any casual observer who paid attention an instant fan of women's figure skating.

    Including me.

    Especially me.

    So, the most-debated question of any Olympics has an answer now. Who should be the face of these Games?

    Kim, for certain.

    Not Lindsey Vonn, not Apolo Ohno, not Bode Miller.

    Kim Yu-na.

    Remember her name, and never forget how she dazzled the 2010 Winter Olympics. Remember her astounding agility, and never forget the tears she shed while gliding off the ice this night.

    A comment on the article
    Great article. I agree 100%.

    I've spent most of the Olympics griping about the lack of ice hockey shown on NBC, and having to watch it on a low-def channel like CNBC. Each time a great hockey game is on, but NBC cut to figure skating, my eyes rolled.

    But Yu-na Kim changed that for me last night. Wow! She's the most graceful thing I've ever seen. Any person who does not enjoy her skating must have no soul, and any man who does not enjoy it must have no pulse.

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    Thank you so much for sharing! I don't have an account for the Seattle Times, but reading those excerpts was enough. I'm glad YuNa is winning some non-figure skating-fan converts.

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    nice article--
    yes her skate was wow-but faceof games-for him--yes --for me no-but part of face of games.

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