I have so many for the ladies
1. The final flight all delivering when it mattered. No falls at all One of the best-skated Olympics for the ladies division.
2. A podium of worthy skaters
3. Rochette's truly Olympic moment, her strength, her elegance, everything
4. Yu-na crying after her breathtaking LP. It summed everything up. One of the best skates an Olympic champion has ever delivered.
5. Mao's historic three 3A's & her clean SP, her guts, her determination, her amazing comeback proving all her doubters wrong
6. Mirai's coming out party. Who ever ruled her out?
7. Laura actually delivering when it mattered
8. Akiko Suzuki and her love for skating that's so evident
9. Miki going for that 3-3
10. Makarova's skates

1. Plushenko's third Olympic medal and his pledge to return for Sochi
2. Takahashi's two programs (if it weren't for that quad...)
3. KOZUKA!! Both his SP and his LP!
4. The new crop of skaters Chan, Brezina, Amodio, Ten, Borodulin, etc.
5. Jeremy's skates... His jumps were sub-par, but I loved everything else.
6. Lysacek bringing his A-game to win the USA's first gold medal in decades
7. Brian Orser finally getting his gold?

1. S/Z winning gold
2. P/T's LP
(only watched the top three)

My worst moments:
1. Mao's sad face and the interview in which she cried
2. Plushenko getting trashed by the American media. His words getting pulled out of context, overblown and misconstrued.
3. Mirai getting robbed in the SP.