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Thread: Associated Press: South Korea reacts to Yu Na Kim's win

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    I would like to provide my little comment while I have time. Sadly I've never been in Korea, but being fan of Yuna, I think I know some things about how the situation is going...

    First of all, I'm absolutely sure that in case of not winning the gold nothing would change for Yuna in terms of endorsements. Koreans love her too much and her endorsements started to grow when she was winning only bronze medals, so I don't think there would be any problems with this. I don't know about the BoA case, but before the Olympics Nike released the series of promotional videos that criticized the pressure on her, so it seems that the companies were more on the side of Yuna in case of not winning. I don't get some of those articles which claim that in case of losing she would lose a lot of her endorsements. The other thing is that most of her contracts end this season because she may retire, but that always was like that.

    The next thing is about whether Yuna has anti-fans... I'm not sure how much anti-fans she has now, but before she certainly had quite a lot. Right now probably they still exist, but they don't dare to show themselves. But before she received even some direct attacks from those anti-fans. She has a blog which is very popular in Korea that she started a lot of years ago and... Well, I don't want to dig into ****, but she received some incredible amount of hatred through that blog when she was much younger and not that famous. That YouTube videos are literally nothing comparing with what those people did to her and she had to deal with it personally. It's noteworthy that she never said a bad thing about her haters. She never called them idiots or something like this, she just stated that she doesn't understand the reason of that much hatred although it's absolutely normal that not everyone likes her.

    I was really touched by that strong attitude. I can understand that some people can be annoyed by her commercials or how much her image is exploited by companies, but I don't understand how can someone hate that little girl who didn't do anything bad to anyone. Not just now, but when she had like 17 years and was much more vulnerable...

    But she resisted it all and remained to be what she is. It's a bit sad that the real story of Yuna was never told to the Western audiences... It's very interesting story and not a typical one. It's not something about how she overcame like 1000 obstacles, it's rather about how a person that seems rather simple and usual can become something really special with work and a lot of optimism. Yuna was called a happy skater when she apparently had no reason to be happy.
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