We all had our expectations and hopes for these games, but surely there were lots of events and situations that few saw coming but were greatly welcomed... What were yours??

For me, I'd Say :

* Evora/Ladwig beating D&B and having the best competition of their careers.
* Pang& Tong's silver medal, after everything pointed out to them being left off the podium again, they gave us a memorable performance and finally receive the olympic glory they were denied 4 years ago.
*Adrian's Schultheiss having the skate of his life, landing everything including the QUAD! , perhaps he should be the real men's olympic champion??
*JOhnny Weir skating 2 really solid and heartfelt programs since 2006. He almost made me a fan.
*All the youngsters doing much better than lots of veterans who came as contenders. Big yay"" for Cheltzie, Ming-Jung , Florent and Javi.
*After a crappy season, Rochette's having the physical and emotional strength to overcome her tragedy and give the best. truly remarkable. The first time I cried watching FS.