My podium hopes and how they panned out:

- For Shen/Zhao to win gold. +
- For Kavaguti/Smirnov to be kept off the podium, I hate her flexed feet. +

Two for two there! Yay!

- For Plushenko to not win gold. +
- For Daisuke Takahashi to win gold. He is one of my favorite male skaters and he has my two favorite programs this season out of the men. -
- If not Daisuke, then for Johnny Weir to win gold. I'm not fond of his programs this season, but a win by him would shoot his fame into the stratosphere where he can upset even more people with his gender-bendery. -
- If not Weir, then Patrick Chan for gold. He is one of my favorite skaters, and his win would upset so many people on this forum. Plus, you know he'd be saying even crazier things. -

I didn't think any of these scenarios were likely. So 1 out of 4 ain't too bad. And the bitterness of Plushenko and his supporters after (hahahaha platinum medal) made it that much sweeter.

Ice Dancing:
- For Virtue/Moir to win gold. They have been my favoritest ice dancing team for a good long while. And I love their programs this year. +
- For Domnina/Shabalin to be kept off the podium. Their two programs this year were pathetic, that OD fails to make even racial stereotyping fun. Plus, I don't care for Shabalin's skating or his hair. -

Well, I was pretty sure Davis/White were going to win gold, so I didn't think either of my hopes were realistic. But the one that came true did so beautifully and oh-so-satisfyingly.

- For Yu Na Kim to win gold. Her LP is my favorite competitive ladies program this season, and she is one of my favorite skaters. Plus, I didn't want to see South Korea riot. +
- For Rachael Flatt to be kept off the podium. Ick, posture. Ick, slow skating. Get her out of here! -

OK, the second hope was rather modest and plenty likely to come true. And it did! The first one, however, I was convinced was not happening. The favorite for gold in ladies just haven't delivered in decades due to the pressure. And Yu Na had more pressure than even the previous medal hopefuls. And then she did it by skating perfectly throughout the entire competition. What can I say? Dreams (plus all my voodoo rituals) do come true!