Pairs came out exactly as I had hoped: S/Z, P/T, S/S in that order. I wanted the Russians and the Zhangs off the podium at all costs.

Ladies came out exactly as I thought it would: Kim-Asada-Rochette. Tickled to death about Nagasu's 4th place--didn't see that coming. I didn't have strong feelings about anybody making or not making the podium, as long as the event was pretty fairly judged and the top 10 placements came out right--which I think they did.

Dance I was happy with V/M and D/W getting on the podium in any order. I hoped B/A would get up there too, but figured that they would be tossed on the street in favor of DomShab..who I think didn't even deserve top 6 regardless of how good their CD was. And indeed, B/A were sacrificed to the lesser team. Russians were gifted.

Mens I really wanted to see Abbott, Lambiel, Takahashi on the podium in any order, got one of them only. Was OK with Lysacek up there, given the way he skated. REALLY wanted Plushenko out of the medals no matter what. I hate him and his skating, and prayed he would splat multiple times but my prayers were not answered. He was gifted on PCS big time. At least he didn't win, and proceeding to make an @ss of himself with his sore loser commentary. Wanted Chan kept off the podium because he needs more seasoning--better skating to back up his mouth. In the end, disappointed with Abbott and Lambiel, and thought the latter definitely overscored. Was thrilled that Johnny Weir put it all together, he deserved better PCS and at least 4th.