The competition was great, most skaters performed better than expected, but there can no be figure skating without some moments where the judging and/or scores makes us go "uhmmm""

So what where the top 5 performances in which the judges were too generous or too strict.


01. Johnny Weir's LP :
For just a few seconds after hi finished skating, I thought he might medal by a few points
if the judges go for it, sadly I was soo wrong.
02. Pang & Tong's SP:
While I was ok with the placement , they were too far from the top 3 and undservedly so.
This probably cost them the gold medal.
03. Belbin & Agosto's OD:
Skating after VM was unfortunate for them, but still way better than the aboriginal show.
04. Khokhlova & Novitski's FD:
Ahh the tragic faith of being the second dropped team. Their FD was the voidiest of the
evening. A shame.
05. Mukhortova & Trankov's SP:
They were beautiful despite the mistake but the judges didnt hesitate in burying them down
to 8th below the local kids.


01. Domnina & Shabalin's FD
Nuff said.
02. Chan's LP
There was no need to held him up, he already had a default place in the gala.
03. Lambiel's SP
Such an amazinq skater, but always underperforming, yet the judges didnt mind at all.
04. Zaretski's FD
SamuelsonBates, CappelliniLanotte, CronPoirier, BobrovaSoloviev, all teams much deserving
of a top 10 finish.
05. Kim's FD.
The best ladies winning performance in olympic history ??. Yes. A world record breaker with
over 17 points in just GOE?? I dont think so.

Now, tell me yours...