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Thread: Your TOP 5 MOST UNDERSCORED/OVERSCORED programs from the Olympics?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetana View Post
    To be honest,,,

    little bit Overscored
    little bit Underscored

    Actually I expected Joannie would get 2nd rank when she was finished. I think she was underscored because Mao was overscored. Mao is a so talented girl. However, her jumps in olympic lp were very messy and her interpertion just didn't match with the music at all. I thought some jumps should've been downgraded. However, if i consider she performed just after Yu-na, maybe she should've gotten some advantages unlike the others, so maybe judges did good works. That's why I was satified with the result. In another side, I don't know it was fair for Joannie, though.
    Yes, I have a problem with the ladies' Olympic silver medalist having only 3 different types of triples in her LP (Axel, flip, and loop). Mao didn't attempt a 3Lutz or a 3Salchow at all and she singled her 3toe attempt, only doing 4 triples in total (with the 2nd 3flip being badly under-rotated and downgraded by the panel). I guess having 7 triples (5 different types) like Joannie doesn't matter anymore to the judges.
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