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Hey Flatt was under score on both your idoit, Also you people need stop this hate towards Americans, Rachael Flatt Hell alot better Person than you people act on these dumb boards . Sick world wining like babys when we win these medals. Racheal deserve to be aleasts Third. She never complian about once and I know who did it Russia! not People of that country but the JUdges push by the Goverment which I have no love lost with that country for tring to Nuc my family FL in 1960's. Thay continue shoot themselves in the foot.
If you think Flatt was underscored, what about Leonova? She landed 7 triples in the FS and got 110. I agree that Flatt was a bit underscored in the LP but not in the SP, she is a good jumper but all her other qualities are not up to snuff with the top ladies.