How many federations will keep the result or gain/lose a spot when worlds in Torino come??

Here's how they would have turned out:

3 Spots : China, Russia.
2 Spots : Germany, Canada, Ukraine, USA.

I believe this will be the same in Torino. DD may pull up some places but LH will not be high enough to reach the magical 13. Are V/M competing?? I heard Stanislav already retired.

3 Spots : USA,Japan.
2 Spots : Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Czech Republic, France.

Evan is not going but USA shouldnt have problems with Jeremy & Johnny. Russia may go down to just 1 spot if Borodulin doesnt reach top ten. Switzerland is hopeless without Stephane, and if Joubert doesnt wake up France could end up with only 1 spot and that's gonna suck big time for the top 4 french guys. Canada should send Reynolds instead of Chipeur.


3 Spots : USA, Russia, France.
2 Spots : Canada, Italy, Great Britain, Israel.

Both DS and BA are retiring. France will go down to 2 spots without DelSchoes for sure. Russia probably too, but I believe BobrovaSoloviev will start climbing up the standing now they're russians #2. If CronePoirier improve Canada's might just get the 3 spots.


3 Spots : Japan, USA.
2 Spots : South Korea, Canada, Finland, Russia.

US is looking good for reganing the three spots. Will Rochette show up? After her tragey I dont think so. If Yu-Na goes and Min-Jung does as well as in Vancouver, Korea could get 3 spots And I hope Carolina doesnt implode again only becasue I want to see Valentina competing at Worlds again..

Your thoughts???....