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Thread: Soup to nuts: the ladies' final flight.

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    Lemme add to this....

    Rachael: the glass
    Miki: the banana
    Yuna: the ice cream
    Mao: the nuts
    Joannie: the hot fudge
    Mirai: the cherry on top

    Mmm I'm craving a banana split right now

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    Rachael: the sausage
    Miki: the coffee
    Yuna: the buttermilk pancakes
    Mao: the fruit salad
    Joannie: the hash browns
    Mirai: the whipped cream for the pancakes!

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    What a funny thread

    I think Yu Na Kim is more a light delicate souffle, risen to the top with just the right timing. A savory main dish.

    Joannie i like the wine one, i think an aged, strong full bodied wine. Sophisticated with character.

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    Rachael: meatballs
    Miki: oregano/spices
    Yuna: angelhair pasta
    Mao: sauce
    Joannie: vintage vino rosa
    Mirai: tiramasu
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