He assumed he'd come out there, do his 4-3 combo and some 3 axs, basically dance around the ice making "I'm great" gestures and be handed the gold. And, shock of all shocks, the judges did what the Code of Points told them to: reward minimal crosscuts, true musical interpretation, choreography that led to a balanced program that went to the music, etc.
And whose program apart from Dai, Kozuka, Lambiel, Weir and Amodio had that?Brezina maybe.
I want to say also that this all would be ideal but judging did not work that way cause you can have a quad and an innovating program and end up out of 10, like Adrian!
Re Plush: Oy mama, well call him bad taste, call his choreographer incapable or whatever, but I cant read that Plush has not worked hard to be in Olys again in that form, and thought he would go out and move his hips and win. If he had treated his comeback that way Voronov would be in Olys instead of him. His program had the layout more or less of 2006 with quad and both the axels front loaded, with a backplan to move them at the end in case of a mistake a la Russian NAtionals. Maybe Mishin tried his best thinking of his condition and what he can do with the mash potato knees. Personally I blame the one banana he ate all day.:boohoo:
In any case the only bad thing that happened to him is that he didnt become Mr Dick Button as he wished. Ah well I survived, he will also